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What is Makxenia?

Our primary goal in all business decisions is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with all that we provide. This simple yet effective approach has fueled our growth since opening in  2015 and will continue to do so for years down the road.  The  agenda  that  makes  Makxenia   unique is our affordable  products  and hands-on training  experience  we are providing to upcoming engineers. Our philosophy is  to enhance robotics in the country and offer best-advanced solutions.

Meet Our clients



IIT Bhilai

NIT Mizoram

VNIT, Nagpur

VIT Vellore

RCOEM, Nagpur

GHRCE, Nagpur

SSTC, Bhilai

GHRAET, Nagpur

SB Jain COE, Nagpur


KDKCOE, Nagpur

KV Vayusena nagar , Nagpur

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