What We Do

Aimed towards the enhancement of the robotics and embedded systems sector in   India,we design and manufacture the best equipment’s and kits necessary for our students to receive hands-on practical experience   in the field. We provide workshops and training programs to enable  our students to  design  their  own embedded products.   The  training programs are conducted in  a manner  to  instill  in our  students  the ability to solve any technical problem while meeting all the current industrial requirements.We  offer innovative  solutions to all  of our clients, with our  design  team  working  round  the  clock  to provide our clients with the products they are looking for.

Our Vision

To be a forerunner of innovation and technical development in India.

Our Mission

To offer the best advanced technical products to our clients, and enhance the robotics sector in India through our training programs.

Meet The Team

We strive to over deliver on what we promise and will add unexpected value to multiple areas of a business’s digital footprint.We empower our customers with solutions and services that solve real life problems.



As the CEO of Makxenia Engineering Resource Pvt. Ltd. Diksha Khare is true industrialist, powerful decision &maker responsible for running all facets of the business. She is the forefront of driving innovation in the industry. She has a management track record and over 6 years of experience driving sales growth in the technology industry. Diksha Khare has trained around 1000+ students of different cities across the country .She effortlessly provides mentor-ship on career guidance in robotics,how to survive in core industries and different startups,Faculty.She was one of the youngest CEO's in Nagpur in Ceoin20's. She has worked in several specialized areas like Embedded System, Image Processing,etc. She has worked on Exoskeleton of handicapped Robot of Texas Instruments India Analog Design.



Manish Maurya is the key mind behind the robotics startup Makxenia. He is the technical expert in the field of robotics and embedded systems. He’s been training & mentoring in the field of robotics since last five years. He had worked on India 2nd self made Humanoid Robot Sway at, and mentored to make next version of Sway at, which participated in Humanoid robotics competition FIRA2017 held at Beijing, China. One of a kind spherical snake robot like OSMOS which secured a place in IEEE Explore. Has worked on patented project Blind Navigator.He has worked on Butler Robot for Texas Instruments India Analog Design.Apart from all this he has worked in several areas specialized areas like IOT, Image processing, Open CV, CNC, mechatronics etc. Currently provides mentorship to the RnD & technical teams of different startups and companies.