What is IoT? and how it will modernise our society?

IoT is a widely used technology in modern and smart devices. From smart bulbs to driverless vehicles, IoT is used in every smart device, but little do we know and understand the technology of IoT. 

We will discuss the technology of IoT and its applications in different fields.

What is IOT?

IoT is a system of different devices under a network, like the internet or a cloud. These devices communicate and share data with each other. There is no requirement for the devices to be connected to the public internet, they only need to stay connected to a network. The use of multiple technologies such as pervasive computing, commodity sensor technology, powerful embedded systems and machine learning, has evolved the field of IoT. 

IoT is being used as a primary technology in many fields. Here are some notable examples of its application.

1. Smart Homes

One of the most widely used applications of IoT is smart homes. There are a lot of home automation devices like smart bulbs, voice-activated speakers & advanced locking systems that are based on IoT. Many mundane tasks that we repeatedly need to do at home can be automated with the help of IoT. As technology advances, the devices will become smarter.

2. Self-driven Cars

A lot of companies and innovators are focussing on creating a safe model of a self-driven car. Companies like Google, Tesla and Uber have come up with a version of self-driven cars. Since we’re dealing with human lives on the roads, we need to ensure the technology checks all the necessary parameters to ensure better safety for the passengers. 

Through several sensors and embedded systems connected to the Cloud and the Internet, the cars can constantly generate data and send it to the Cloud. These cars send data so that Machine Learning algorithms can learn themselves & make informed decisions. Self-driven cars are an evolving technology, but it is undoubtedly one of the best applications of IoT. 

3. Agriculture

One of the sectors where IoT is extensively used is agriculture. Several tools and devices are being used by farmers to plan their crops and protect their farmland. Some of the notable IoT devices used in agriculture are weather monitoring systems, soil monitoring devices, cattle monitoring systems and predictive agriculture solutions. These devices provide real-time data and automate tasks that help the farmers plan & increase their yield.

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